21 Jun WAKOLDA directed by Lucía Puenzo at Birds Eye View Festival 2014

Jack Wormell

In Lucia Puenzo’s Wakolda a 1950s Argentine family slowly discover a very human evil in their home, and to their dismay realise they need his help. Partially based on true events, in chilling fashion, Wakolda ponders whether everyone, on a personal level, wants perfection and purity.  Whether the meticulous craftsmanship of the father’s doll-making business or the mothers love for her daughter, who’s growth is stunted, Wakolda shows that when given the choice, they strive for their own sort of purity, a grim parallel with the mindset behind the 20th century’s greatest crime against humanity.


Don’t miss Birds Eye View Film Festival’s screening of Lucia Puenzo’s chilling tale of the secret identity of the ‘German Doctor’. WAKOLDA screens at the Barbican on April 10.When a strange doctor insinuates himself into the lives of a young girl and her Argentine family, they unwittingly begin a relationship with exiled Nazi ‘Angel of Death’ Joseph Mengele.

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